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About Us

Healthy Hounds has a new look.  Come check us out!

Healthy Hounds knows you love your companion as much as we love ours. Healthy Hounds will help build nutrition awareness by providing the best products to support the health of your companions.


Healthy Hounds was founded by Pamela Hullinger in 2004.  Falling head over heels for two rescue Great Danes changed her life, and providing them with the best diet became her passion.

In 2014, Lisa Payette was introduced to the store by her sister, Janey, who had been working at Healthy Hounds for a few years.  Lisa embraced Pam's vision for the store and together they decided that Lisa would carry on the mission and dream of providing optimal nutrition and support for the well being of animals.

Meet The Staff And Their Pets


My name is Lisa.  I grew up in the Steger area and spent most of my adult life living in Florida.  I returned to Chicago to take over Healthy Hounds with a goal to provide quality nutrition to as many dogs and cats as possible.  My mom is an animal lover, so growing up, we always had cats and dogs.  My love for dogs and cats has definitely come from my childhood.

I have four Shiba Inus: Shiba, Rocky, Chipper and Roxanne.




My name is Janey. I have been involved in rescuing animals all of my life and two years ago I had the opportunity to start working at Healthy Hounds. I am committed to educating pet owners on the ways that they can make their pets healthy and happy in the most natural way possible. I enjoy working closely with many area rescues and shelters to provide donations, fund raising, and awareness of the unique issues that shelter dogs face. I am a strong advocate for Pit Bulls, the misunderstood breed.




My name is Gina...

In 2000 my life was forever changed. My first dog, Buddy, entered my life and it wasn't easy. He was an allergy dog and had an extensive leg surgery his first year with me. After following recommendations of traditional doctors which were not working, I knew I had to keep searching for answers to help him. During this time I quit my job of 18 years to work at South Suburban Humane Society. It was an enlightening experience. It opened doors for me to meet other animal lovers who were concerned with their pet's nutrition and I was lead to Healthy Hounds. I have been at Healthy Hounds since 2007. I am passionate about providing both of my dogs with nutrition and supplements which help them to flourish not just exist and to share nutritional knowledge with others. I keep myself current on nutritional, vaccination, and supplemental information by attending seminars and on-line course work. Also, I have been able to collaborate with integrative/holistic vets and animal chiropractors on health challenges.

I believe when we raise our consciousness to how we treat and feed ourselves and our animals, we thrive in health and spirit.  My sweet babies are two Jack Russell's. Both are rescues!

Suzzie (left) Buddy (right)


My name is Diane and I am a life-long animal lover.  I was raised by a family of animal lovers that could never turn away an animal in need.  I have been dog walking and pet sitting in the area for a few years and was introduced to Healthy Hounds by some of my clients.  Like so many people, I had no idea that the diet I was feeding my dogs was totally unnatural and was not meeting their instinctive needs.  I asked a million questions, I did research, and I was astounded by the quality and variety of naturally healthy food, treats, chews, and supplements available.  I have seen amazing results with my dogs and love to share my knowledge and experience with other pet parents.  My background in Health Care has helped me to have a better understanding of the importance of a healthy, natural diet for pets.  I currently have three dogs; two older Shih Tzus and a young, spunky Chihuahua. 


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